• Mares - 2015
 All our horses are 5 panel negative 
And tested with either Animal Genetics or UC Davis for their correct colors and markers
Beautiful red dun mare sired by Zan Jack Two - an own son of Zan Parr Bar. Maggie was broke as a young mare then had babies for the next few years. Maggie was away for 5 years but came home in the summer, 2015. We put a month of refresher riding on her in July-Aug of 2015. Bred back to Ruger for her 2020 foal.
ee AA Dd
 5 panel negative

Colin and Maggie, Aug 1st, 2015
Thia page was created on September 5th, 2015
Ruby is another mare who has come home again after 5 years. She was born here in 2003 off one our old grullo foundation mares and sired by Zan Jack Two, an own son of legendary Zan Parr Bar.
 Ruby is very calm and kind, easy to get along with and raises nice babies. Bred to Dun It High Style for her next foal.
Ee Aa Dd

 5 Panel Negative
2017 buttermilk buckskin filly
Maggie's 2017 buttermilk buckskin dun stud colt
2018 Buckskin Roan filly
2018 buckskin dun stud colt
Pearl Kid
2009 Perlino mare
Sire: Dunczar
Dam: Tuf Rosy Poco Bueno
Very sweet and quiet mare. Pearl is bred to Dun It High Style for her 2020 foal.
Pearl is tested Ee Aa dd
5 Panel Negative
RHL Zans Gold Magic
2005 Palomino
Sire: Zan Jack Two
Dam: Scotty Prin Penny
This beautiful mare has also come home again after being away for 71/2 years! Another daughter of Zan Jack Two, she is a half sister to Ruby and Maggie. It's so good to have Magic home again. Magic is bred to Magnum, a 15 hand perlino stallion for her 2020 foal.
ee Aa
5 Panel Negative
Canadiana Snow Bird
2012 Cremello Dun mare
Sire: DD Laico Wonder
Dam: Polands Apple Sauce
Nice big mare producing growthy babies. Snowbird has been bred to Dun It High Style for her 2020 foal.
Tested ee AA Dd with Animal Genetics
5 Panel Negative
HPH Eternally Yours
2014 dun mare
Sire: Sgt Joe Friday
Dam: LJ Ima Eternallycool
Beautiful buckskin dun mare from Heartridge Performance Horses. Darla stands a good 15.2 hands and has a very sweet personality.
has been bred to "Dun It High Style" for a 2020 foal.
Ee Aa Dd
5 panel negative
Canadiana Palo Page
2012 Perlino Dun mare
Sire: DD Laico Wonder
Dam: Our Gold Page
Nice big perlino dun mare with Page Lee on her papers. Her 2018 perlino dun filly is being kept for a future brood mare. She has been bred to Dun It High Style for her 2020 foal.
Page was registered as a cremello but has tested Ee which makes her a perlino. Her papers will be sent in to have her color corrected and her dun factor added.
Tested Ee AA Dd with Animal genetics
5 panel negative

2019 Buckskin dun filly
Snowbird's 2018 dunskin filly. 
Pearl's 2018 dunskin filly. 

2019 Smokey black filly

FOR SALE      $1,800     
2019 cremello dun (tested) stud colt. For sale $1,200
2019 palomino roan stud colt. Fox is going to be a stout horse with a sweet mind to go with it.
Zans Gold N Gem
She really is a gem and I've decided to keep her as her dam is getting a bit older.
Gem is EE Aa Dd and 5 panel negative.
All these foals are sold!