2004 Red Dun Filly
sired by Zan Jack Two
Zan Parr Barr

Four Jacks High

Eternally Salty

Dawn Poco Hi Fi
Par Three

Terry's Pal

Two Eyed Jack

Miss Candy Gain

Grab The Major

Red Dell Magnolia

Otoes Hi Fi

Miss Poco Thedford
Three Bars
Annie Echols
Poco Astro
Gold Raider
Two D Two
Triangle Tookie
Capital Gain
Poco Tandy
Grab The Sun
Generals Muffin
Magnolia Wonder
Red Rose Dell
D'Arcy's Otoe
Dandy's Hi Fi
Pancho Dell
Miss Thedford
Zan Jack Two

RHL Salty Dun Dawn
This page was last updated: January 15, 2008
Very well put together filly. Sired by Zan Jack Two. Imprinted and very good natured. Maggie's dam is an excellent saddle mare, used in feedlots and arenas and has a wonderful temperament.
Jan 14-08